Responsible Play at Leon

Leon company endeavors to ensure responsible betting and gambling when providing services to its clients. We don’t allow users aged under 18 to bet on the platform and take the gambling addiction problems seriously.

One need to be at the age of above 18 to register and bet on money in Leon.

Key Measures

Leon’s aim is to offer an easy and smooth betting experience that is not marred by any issues. Still, sometimes, betting may lead to serious problems. For our part, Leon in India fully supports the responsible play principles accepted globally, which improves the chances our customers will not lose control.

Even though this hobby brings positive emotions and allows you to have a good time with little effort, you should remember about the dangers of unlimited gambling. So as to make sure this activity doesn’t lead to addiction, remember the next points:

  • Betting is a hobby for having fun, not for making profits. Those who take this activity just as entertainment, are more unlikely to get addicted;
  • Determine the sum you are ready to lose and don’t exceed it. Gambling with money of other people or risking a big budget is not allowed;
  • Don’t try to win back immediately if you lose money, take a break;
  • Monitor the number of your bets and the sum you have spent.

We remind our users that there is no secret formula to ensure your win, both sports betting and casino games are based on probability laws. Gambling addiction is a serious problem, and you need to check your state regularly so as to avoid it. For this purpose, answer the following questions:

  • Is your betting or gambling hobby serious?
  • Does betting affect your personality or reputation?
  • Do you grow the stakes systematically?
  • Do you feel discomfort if you don’t bet for a while?
  • Do you borrow money for betting?
  • Does your hobby harm your budget?
  • Do you lose track of time when betting?

In case you see that some answers become positive, it may be time for you set the limits disclosed below or find a new hobby:

  • Set a certain time for betting and don’t exceed it;
  • Don’t borrow money for gambling;
  • Don’t go beyond the sum you can bet or lose.

You can cancel the agreement with Leon India at any time. To do this, please send a request on this subject, and we will block your account.