Leon Privacy Policy

The goal of this privacy policy is to ensure Leon users have complete information about the collection of personal data conducted by the company through the official site and related services. 

The term “personal data” involves any personal data presented by a Leon user. These include one’s first and last name, email, phone number, country, etc.

Leon gathers the clients’ personal data to enhance service quality. This process starts during the registration and verification and lasts while one utilizes the Leon services. By using Leon, you agree to this privacy policy by default.

Learn more about what data does Leon collect and what for.

How Leon Uses Personal Data

  • The bookmaker uses the customers’ personal information for creating a unique account, providing services and promotions, checking the reliability of the client’s data, composing statistical reports, etc.
  • The personal data gathering allows the company to ensure the fair play principles and guarantee the safety of the funds on their balances.
  • Data collection helps Leon to enhance the customer service quality, give access to improved features and functions of the platform, provide better marketing and advertising.

Leon operates internationally in different countries, and personal data is also necessary to comply with the laws of the user’s countries of residence. In addition, collecting information allows preventing money laundering and frauds related to Leon betting accounts. In case any such violated action takes place, your account will be frozen, and personal data can be sent upon request to law enforcement.

The company doesn’t use personal information to send any emails or phone messages without your agreement. However, the information may be used for promos and winning news.

You can refuse Leon to process your personal data anytime. In this case, send a request on this subject to our support team. If some information requires updating, you can do it manually on your profile.